Trip to Muir Trail Ranch (or Planes, Trains and Automobiles of the Backcountry)

Kaiser Pass Road

This past weekend  I went to Muir Trail Ranch to resupply David . It sounds much simpler than it was. Muir Trail Ranch is in the middle of both the hike and of the backcountry. It’s primarily a place where hikers on the John Muir Trail pick up food and supplies that they have mailed to the ranch well before they hike. Not very many JMT hikers are resupplied in person mainly because resupply is pretty much a full time job.

To get to Muir Trail Ranch,  I started off with a 7 hour drive north from home to a place called Florence Lake. The last 17 miles of the trip were on Kaiser Pass Road, a one-lane road up the mountain with blind curves and drop offs in places. It was an adventure all by itself (but then why should David have all the fun?) From there you take a ferry across the lake and finally hike 4.5 miles to Muir Trail Ranch.  Then I reversed the process on Sunday to get home.

Needless to say, I was a welcome sight and it was worth the trip, especially since Sunday the 10th was David and my 40th wedding anniversary. Who’d have thought in 1974 that we’d be spending it this way?