Tent Mixup

Backpacking_TentOne of the great things about backpacking the John Muir Trail these days is the new technology available. David and I are able to text back and forth because of it, and that’s how I know where he’s camping each night. There are a few drawbacks, though, and one is that text messages can be misinterpreted.

For instance, there was the day I got a message saying that he’d lost his tent. My first reaction was “Well really, how on earth do you lose a tent?” Nevertheless, I took myself to good old REI (what would we do without it?) and picked up a one person backpacking tent that I planned to take on the next resupply trip.

I just happened to ask David if he was cold without a tent, and to my surprise, he texted back that “LOL, don’t need a tent, the tent bag was all that was lost”! Obviously, that was good news and actually pretty funny. So the new tent went back to REI, and just to make the extra trip to the store worthwhile, I picked up a couple of things for myself.