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Preparations Almost Complete

PreparationHike preparations are almost complete. We have laid out our route¬†and¬†created a day-by-day ininerary. Gear has been cleaned and packed. And food has been prepared, packaged, and sorted by the resupply drop where we’ll be getting it.

Liza and I created a video showing our food preparations. It’s on the Videos page of this site. I’ll be living on dehydrated dinners, oatmeal breakfasts, protein shakes, and ramen noodles for three weeks. Yes, the food is definitely better in Paris, as Liza likes to point out, but the mountains are calling, and… well, you know the rest of it. Five days to go until the hike begins.

One Week to Go!

IMG_3096One week to go until we begin the Big Hike! I’m working this week to get all my food ready to go. To save weight, all the commercially-prepared food is coming out of its original packaging and going into plastic bags. The bags are lighter and produce less trash on the trail. So far, breakfasts are done, dinners are about half-done, and I’m working on lunches. Once the meals are bagged up, they go into one of four resupply boxes; one for the start of the hike in Yosemite Valley, and three others for the points where Liza will resupply me: Red’s Meadow, Muir Trail Ranch, and Bullfrog Lake. Everything has to go into a ‘bear cannister’, a bear-proof container with a limited amount of space. The plastic bags double the capacity of my bear cannister, and they keep food weight to a minimum.