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Road Trip, Anyone?

DSCN5554 - Copy
Pineapple Upside-down Cake

I’m getting ready for the first re-supply trip to David . A friend and I are heading up to Reds Meadow tomorrow to bring the next five days’ worth of food and supplies. We’re also bringing some things that would be difficult to backpack in, specifically a pineapple upside-down cake. This re-supply is a drive-up and will take about 6 hours on the road, so it means an overnight stay at the backpacker’s campground, but no hike in to deliver the goodies.


Best Bargain Ever!

DSCN5553 - CopyWhile we were at Yosemite for the beginning of the JMT 2014 hike, I was able to get my Senior Pass. This pass is a lifetime pass that lets you into over 2000 recreation sites, including all of the national parks. US citizens who are 62 or older can get the pass. It costs $10.00. Mine has already paid for itself!

Food and Canisters and Bears, Oh My!

Bear CanisterOne of the interesting things about backpacking in the Sierras is that, because there are bears in the mountains, you have to carry a bear canister.

A bear canister is a container for your food, toiletries, and any other items with a scent. The idea is that the bears can’t get to your food when it’s in the canister. Often you can’t either, or at least it may seem that way  when you’re off the trail after a tough day of hiking and just want something to eat. A large canister can hold enough food to last one person a week.

When I resupply David this summer, I’ll be bringing him a week’s worth of food each time. That will be an adventure of its own, since some resupply points are drive-ups and some will require an overnight backpack to do.