At Muir Trail Ranch


We got to Muir Trail Ranch not long before David. Muir Trail Ranch is an interesting place. They have a few amenities, but it’s mostly for JMT hikers to resupply.

As I mentioned earlier, most hikers send their own fresh supplies to Muir Trail Ranch well before they start on their hike. They pack their things into large buckets, like the ones you see at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Then they send them via the US  Post Office. They put their expected arrival date on the bucket. Each hiker has a claim check that they use to redeem their bucket.

It’s possible to stay at Muir Trail Ranch in a tent cabin, which means you can get a shower and a hot meal. Otherwise, you can camp, but that means you can’t get a meal in their cafe or a shower. There are some hot springs in the area, though, and several folks were taking advantage of them. When we were there, the campground was very busy.